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Our cotton rugs are made of cotton off-cuts originating from the fashion industry. These pieces of cotton are curated by our artisans, cut into strings and woven together by hand.

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Our cotton rugs are made of cotton off-cuts originating from the fashion industry. These pieces of cotton are curated by our artisans, cut into strings and woven together by hand.

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  • This jade colored cotton rug will guide your imagination through some of the most beautiful calm blue-green lakes around the globe. Just imagine what it will be like, taking on that journey every single day.

  • With this rug as a part of your interior, you will never have another day without a stroke of sunshine and happiness in your life. The bright yellow nuances will suit both neutral and already colorful interiors.

  • Does it taste as good as it looks? Certainly not, it's a rug. But it will show others that you've got a bold taste when it comes to your interior styling. It's all about expressing yourself.

  • Soft Peach is a sustainable cotton rug, handwoven in soft nuances of nude colors. Use this rug to emphasize the femininity of your home interior the low key but cool way.

  • This rug with its light Scandinavian colors is able to create a soft and warm visual presence within the room around it. Your feet are going to love the handwoven quality of the Rain Series – It is our thickest and most refined to date. Each color variant in the Rain Series is designed with a unique pattern inspired by the graphical expressions rain...

  • Leftovers from the fashion industry get a second life in this stylistically consistent rug designed by the French industrial designer Jocelyn Deris. The light nuances in combination with its soft and gentle graphical expression create a foundation of calmness in your home. The rug appears light but is handwoven in a thick quality.

  • This thick grey and black rug is able to capture the room and draw attention without looking heavy because of its soft graphical appearance. The Rain Series is designed in collaboration with the French industrial designer Jocelyn Deris. He was inspired by the many graphical patters rain creates when it falls from the sky. That is also why each...

  • Beautiful cotton rug in grey and offwhite nuanced stripes. The cotton rug gives a clean and industrial expression, creating variation and contrast in your home. It has its own unique character, regardless if you put it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

  • Hand-woven, sustainable black cotton rug. Black fits most existing décor designs with its minimalistic expression, and the rug gives depth to any room without drawing too much attention. The cotton strips from which the rug is made has been carefully selected and brought together, to give the rug subtle nuances and a lively expression.

  • Grey hand-woven cotton rug. This color naturally unites multiple elements and styles in a room, and creates a calming base. Meanwhile, the nuances within the rug makes for a lively expression when closely inspected, yet plain when inspected from a distance. This rug works really well with most styles and combinations - a safe choice.

  • Hand made plain white cotton rug woven in high quality. Its fresh ambience suits most styles, and gives in its own way a unique character to any room and makes them appear bigger. The rug has been woven by hand from strips of cotton - remnants from the fashion industry. This gives the rug an edge to its otherwise neutral expression.

  • A striped cotton rug like ours with its classical contrasts can bring character to almost any style. The visual expression contributes to variation and a touch of personality. You will therefore love our black/grey/white striped cotton rug if your style is minimalistic, romantic, or something in between.

  • Cool cotton rug that creates contrast in bright rooms. The color brings depth and subtly unites a room. It has its own unique character, and can give your decor new life by bringing different styles together in new ways. Use it in combination with a cotton rug in one of the other blue nuances to give your home variation while bringing the rooms closer...

  • Eternity blue can, with its fine, faint blue color, create beautiful contrasts in any room. Further, the cotton rug can be used with our other blue rugs, Daydream blue, Deep Ocean blue, or Blue/White striped to combine multiple rooms in a common theme. Blue creates a calm atmosphere that works well with existing elements of black or white.

  • If you are looking for a rug to maintain calmness, purity and minimalism in the room, the Day Dream blue is a real solid choice. Its delicate light blue color fits perfectly with our other blue rugs, Eternity blue and Deep Ocean blue, and together they unite your décor.

  • New 2017. Our blue and white striped cotton rug has been woven by hand and crafted from carefully selected cotton strips. The blue and white stripes are based on existing colors in our selection, and together they make a beautiful palette which gives your décor a new perspective. The rug will fit nicely in rooms displaying elements of white, blue or black.

  • Our solid cotton rug in Guilty Green creates fine contrasts to lighter elements, with its deep, calm nuances. The rug will bring warmth and contribute to a balance in a light and industrial décor. In addition, this rug has its own unique character which alters the setting of your interior without taking too much focus.

  • Our Olive Green cotton rug fits perfectly within today's green trend with its subtle, yet fresh shades. The rug will contribute towards creating balance in bright and industrial decorating trends. At the same time, it has its own unique character which brings natural warmth to your home and forms a pleasant indoor environment.

  • This new cotton rug has been created with warmth and coziness in mind. Place it together with black and white nuances, and the burned bohemian look will really come to its right. Works surprisingly well in many different styles despite its color. If you wish to give your décor edge and personality this is a good choice.

  • Our warm and light cotton rug has been tightly woven by hand. The light rug expands spaces and gives light to your décor. The nuance goes really well with both light and dark elements, but can also form harmony in a colorful setting. Regardless, you will be happy with this rug.

  • Most people prefer black or white elements in their décor, but rich colors such as the Rosewood Red cotton rug brings color and creates contrasts in your home. Its beautiful red shade results in a dynamic and warm expression that can contribute to a lovely atmosphere in bright rooms.

  • Feminine rose cotton rug with soft and subtle tones. Ideal for the girls room as well as the living room. The rug has a beautiful cotton edge in a darker nuance, giving the rug character. The light tone gives a discreet edge to your décor and works both as contrast or unifier depending on the existing style.

  • Feminine pink cotton rug with mild, warm tones. Ideal for the living room as well as the girl’s room. The rug has a nice cotton finish in a darker tone, giving the rug edge and character. If you love pink, or simply wish to give your décor a new character, the rug can be used in the living room and bedroom as well.

  • Cotton rug in blue and white shades. Our cotton mix collection brings life, light, and color to your décor. The blue mix works really well in many combinations, and it can easily fit in the boy’s room as well as under the dining table or in the hallway.

  • Our green mix rug brings happy thoughts of summer and fun. The rug contains fresh white and green nuances, which makes it perfect for the cottage or conservatory. However, it also fits nicely into the children’s room or under the dining table. Only your inner architect sets the limit.

  • This cotton rug has been woven by hand from cotton remnants from the fashion industry. The warm summer ambience makes it fit nicely in the girl’s room, the cottage or the conservatory. When closely inspected, the rug is full of tiny details, and in some cases, it is even possible to spot a pattern from a famous fashion designer.

  • White and pastel colored cotton rug. The light ambience and lively details makes it perfect for most rooms where you want a fresh décor. As the rug has been made from remnants from the fashion industry, you may even be able to spot tiny details from famous fashion brands if you are lucky.

Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items
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